About the Reviewer

Stan Prager has a lifetime passion for books, history and literature.  He owns a computer services company and has a Master’s in Public History with a focus upon digital StanBooksarchiving, which he suggests is the perfect marriage of history and technology. His most recent projects include the creation of a website to host previously unpublished Civil War letters that he sourced, digitized and transcribed www.resurrectinglostvoices.com. He was also a key member of a team at the Lyman & Merrie Wood Museum of Springfield History in Springfield, Massachusetts, that digitized a trove of recently rediscovered Civil War materials from the 31st Massachusetts Volunteers for public access, supported by a grant from the Massachusetts Sesquicentennial Commission of the American Civil War  https://31massinf.wordpress.com/.  Stan has published a journal article about the odd confluence of nativism and school desegregation in antebellum Massachusetts. Stan has given presentations for the last four consecutive years at the Pioneer Valley History Camp (PVHC) on various topics. Stan has served on his town’s Board of Library Trustees, is active in a number of professional organizations focused upon historical inquiry, and frequently appears as a technology expert on a local television station. An avid reader with eclectic interests, Stan has a fine personal library of some 2640 volumes.  More about Stan at www.stanprager.com.