Visuals: The Regarp Library


“The greatest university of all is a collection of books.”  – Thomas Carlyle

The complete home library, as of May 20, 2021:

Booktable Blook

My wife bought me this wonderful chest of drawers that looks like a stack of books some time ago.  I recently learned that such objects that resemble books but aren’t have come to be called “blooks.” There are four drawers, which I use for miscellaneous maps and pamphlets. It sits next to my favorite reading chair near the fireplace, and I usually stack the several books I’m reading on top of it.  I call it my “booktable” (pronounced with some whimsy as “book-duh-bul”). Perfect for the book nerd I am!

February 2023 Update: Thanks to my lovely wife for a terrific early birthday present … a set of gorgeous nesting book-themed storage ottomans!

My sister-in-law created these great bookmarks for me as a graduation gift to celebrate my Masters in History degree. They contain covers of books I have reviewed here and excerpts from the reviews. Aren’t they cool?

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